working week

Apr 23 2020

What day is it?

Is it coming up to the weekend, is it the weekend, or have I missed the weekend? Am I the only one that temporarily forgets ...
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Working from home

Apr 15 2020

Working from home, how productive have I been?

After reflecting on working from home over the past 3 weeks I started to think, how productive have I been? I am torn with my ...
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Never Give Up

Apr 3 2020

Never Give Up

Have you ever noticed that sometimes in life, be it in business or sport, it is not the most talented that win or rise to ...
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Emotional Intelligence

Mar 17 2020

Can using Emotional Intelligence help to meet our Customers’ needs?

With a financial year-end looming for many of us, especially in the Automotive industry, a solid and productive finish is the aim of the game. ...
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Mar 3 2020

Reaching your Peak Performance When it Matters

As we reach the final month of the financial year, we understand the importance of raising our performance and our will to succeed. We can ...
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EQ or IQ

Feb 28 2020

EQ or IQ? Which is more important?

GMD is delighted to be working with Dr Mark Pegg from Ashridge Executive Education, on a number of learning initiatives around Emotional Intelligence, Wellbeing and ...
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