Assessment Centres and Personality Profiling

Assessment Centres and Personality Profiling


We offer personality profiling assessments for existing and new talent, providing critical insights, identifying the strengths and potential of people at all levels.

We successfully design, develop and deliver tailored Assessment Centres aligned with your company’s values to attract and identify the development needs for individuals, teams and organisations.

These bespoke services identify strengths and development needs of the individual during the selection process or your internal development pathway, creating a talent pool of next generation leaders.

With a range of tools available we identify the appropriate assessment for your needs, with the outputs from these reports identifying how you can maximum personal impact and create a more cohesive and productive team to grow the business.

Recruit and promote with confidence using our tailored tests, assessment-driven interview questions, and evaluation tools.

Sales Profile Report
This report is effective in the recruitment and development of sales people, it is a quick, accurate profiling tool that measures the 6 critical traits essential for sales success.
By assessing drive, ambition, focus and motivation, and response to setbacks, opportunities, problems and customer needs, this powerful tool can transform the way your sales function performs.

 Positivity and Resilience

 Drive for Performance

 Sales Process Management

 Solution Innovation

 Communicating & Persuading

 Customer Care

Selection Report

This report is used throughout the recruitment process, it is an easy to use profiling tool that draws on the thirteen traits and nine competencies to identify which candidates have the greatest potential.
It has been designed to provide deeper insights into strengths and potential, to give guidance at interview and to minimise recruitment risk.

 Social and Inter-personal Style

 Emotional Style

 Motivation and Positivity

 Organizing Style and Dependability

 Creativity and Innovation

Development Report

This report is used to assess performance and determine development needs and identifies the learning requirements for people at all levels within your organisation.
Our reports help people improve their work effectiveness and self-understanding
by highlighting development and training insights. They also help new managers and leaders develop their management capabilities. By assessing motivations, optimism, dependability, social and emotional styles, this powerful tool identifies which areas require a development plan to become more effective.

 Deep insights into performance

 A review of dimensions

 A focus on the key areas for development

 Guidance on how to change behaviour when needed

Trait Leadership Evaluation Report

This high impact and detailed report focuses on the core competencies of leadership, and is an essential tool for leader recruitment and development.

Providing leader capability assessment and enabling personal development planning.  The Leadership Evaluation Report identifies and develops new and current leaders. Drawing on first-hand academic research and scientific studies in today’s workplace, where we have identified the critical competency dimensions for effective leadership.

 Leadership behaviour implications

 Development needs and recommended actions

 Highlighted leadership potential strengths

 Priority development action plan