Wellbeing and Mental Health Awareness

Wellbeing and

Mental Health Awareness

Succeeding in an increasingly competitive and demanding world means recognising the first signs of individual and team fatigue.

With numerous new stresses and pressures in today’s commercial organisations, many find themselves in a bottleneck of emotional demands.

We can all benefit from help to improve our “Working Health”.

Pressure and stress are often confused, but both if not correctly understood can have a negative effect on a team’s wellbeing and productivity. Successful businesses provide the right kind of pressure which energises, increases motivation, and focuses individuals to deliver at a high level.

Performance Curve v2

Prevention is better than cure

Our first step is to identify an organisation’s current position and objectives around wellbeing and mental health.

Our training provides resources and strategies to thrive and develops understanding around the performance curve. Increasing the mental strength to perform at your personal best.

Our three-step journey to achieve elite mental performance.

Being part of the conversation

Understanding our inner voice, seeking evidence, managing how our thinking reflects on our wellbeing and performance.

Making the conversation better

Having a non-judgmental approach with the ability to deliver appropriate affirmations is highly motivational and effective.

Influencing and sustaining the conversation

Tapping into our inner values & beliefs. Building resilience to transform the way we deal with our daily challenges and harness the intrinsic motivations that drives us all.

We work to enhance self-awareness, expand knowledge, and develop strategies to adjust our thinking and perception on our current reality.

When we see and think more clearly we make better choices, and the following actions and behaviour are more effective.

Our programmes cover and explore the following areas:

 Understanding common wellbeing and  mental health issues

 Spotting the triggers that cause panic and  anxiety

 Developing emotional intelligence and why  it is so important

 Owning your emotional wellbeing to impact  and inspire others

 Developing skills to motivationally step in,  reassure, and support your team

 Understanding personality traits and  individual stress responses

 Your coaching presence

 Cognitive behaviour coaching to increase  performance

 The importance of strong relationships and  to significantly improve them

 Develop resilience and ability to adapt