Developing people
is our passion

Delivering the highest quality training, in the most engaging way is our purpose. 

Working in partnership to achieve your defined outcomes, equipping your people to use the knowledge and skills gained during our training to deal with real business issues and deliver a significant return on your investment.

We measure success in terms of your business growth.

in a business world of continuous change,
you invest in growth.

Our team of coaches bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in engaging people to accelerate growth. 

Through multiple interactive methods of learning, we develop the human skills of your people to reach and sustain personal and team peak performance. Fostering a learning culture, we create content that people will want to engage with, continue to use, and share, long after we have left.

We believe sport and business have many common threads

To be successful and fulfil one’s potential in either, we must identify the why, challenge the current, and transform the future by revitalising the passion for growth.

We optimise productivity by using practical tools that are exciting and engaging. Developing the skills required to maintain performance at a higher level, fundamentally, we focus on getting the right stuff done.

We start with understanding your people, culture, and your specific goals. 

Since 2001 GMD People have been specialising in providing high-quality, interactive training that fosters talent. 

We strive to solve your day to day challenges, championing the development of your people.   Achieving your business growth through peak performance of yourself and your team. 

Your Business Is Unique

Our values are at the heart of everything we do


Removing the complexity and adding fun, while developing human skills in every conversation we have.


To deliver innovative growth solutions with integrity and frankness.


Supporting people to make a sustainable difference in the moment.

Our team of experts

Our lead team share the passion of helping people obtain the skills needed to be the best they can be.

We have over 30 coaches, facilitators and trainers all equipped with the 
curiosity and energy to make a real difference to your people and organisation. 


Paul Canning

My enjoyment comes from helping others to make a sustainable difference to their own performance, or by recognising the potential in others, that they may have not previously noticed.

A natural task orientated problem solver who understands, it all starts with engaging the person in front of you. Led by curiosity, I am fascinated to understand others perception and reality. Over the years I have been fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with many people, from a diverse range of backgrounds, experience, and expertise. Together we have built agile, resilient teams that delivered growth within various private and public sectors.

Being involved in Sport is important for me, it both relaxes and frustrates me in equal measures, yet always energies. I am lucky enough to coach athletes and still be competing in track and field at national and international level.

The Master Athletics events are really the same as the Olympics, just run in slow motion!

Chuwie Teape

Being a finalist in both the Commonwealth and Olympic Games, allowed me to appreciate the importance of personal preparation and team support. Understanding and sharing the commitment required to push beyond comfortable, is the reason I am still working with teams, creating unity is the first step to high performance.

My coaching approach is around positivity, looking for the good in everyone, while expanding their knowledge and using solution-based feedback to enable a growth mindset. I enjoy guiding and inspiring others to achieve outstanding results and reach their full potential. With my passion for athletics still very much alive, I often find myself doing research on how the top Jamaican athletes are running so quickly and coaching club-level athletes to become the next Olympians.

Who knows, I might even put my spikes back on, just to push myself beyond comfortable again!

Owen Hopkins

As a Facilitator and Business Coach, working across a range of sectors, I’m proud to have supported people and their organisations in achieving their potential and delivering their goals.

For me it’s never one size fits all. If it’s working one to one or facilitating events for small groups or large seminars, my aim is to create an environment where issues can be explored and mindsets challenged, enabling people to have greater personal impact and communicate more effectively.

During these ever-changing times, we are all living through, I’ve kept myself energised by discovering a love for playing tennis. The only issue is, I’m absolutely terrible at it. However, I am determined to get better. Things I enjoy doing with a greater degree of success are gardening and walking my Chocolate Labrador, Frida. Although, I imagine she would criticise the frequency of this activity.

We Give You The Skills
To Make A Real Difference ​

We ensure our solutions are a cultural fit.

Full of practical tools and techniques our multi-platform learning events are designed to build confidence, making behavioural and performance change that sticks. 

We provide outstanding value by keeping our training relevant, adaptable, and clearly connected to your team to solve business problems and increase revenue.

our partners trust us

Caine Fearn​

Managing Director, Frontline Consultancy

“Communication, productivity and efficiency improved across the team.  If your business is looking to build a high performing team I couldn’t recommend these guys highly enough.”

Mark Mallinder

CEO, Ride Shotgun

“Paul delivered a series of engaging, thought-provoking workshops. Paul is extremely easy to work with and added value to the process throughout.” 

Paul Bromley

Managing Director, BCA Vehicle Services

“GMD have been an asset to us, and I can whole heartily commend them as a partner!”

Dr George Gavriel

PCN Clinical Director, The Swan Network.

GMD People supported though coaching and developing self-awareness, leadership, and communication skills, results followed rapidly, confidence grew, communication improved, and teams became more efficient.”

Teresa Dier

Managing Director, Barbour EHS & Cedrec

“I highly recommend GMD without reservation, content was informative, engaging, and highly relevant to our team’s needs. They are highly skilled at connecting and delivering material in a way that was easy to understand and apply. Creating a supportive learning environment that leaves the team feeling motivated, inspired, and equipped with new skills and knowledge.”

Mark Mills-Goodlet

Group MD, Winchester Motor Group

My business has benefitted from an increase in staff satisfaction and revenue growth, which is a direct result from changes made during the programme.

ready to reach peak performance?