Business is full of challenge, it’s a rocky road we choose.

We know, because we have lived it!
With a wide range of backgrounds including corporate, academia and sport, we are here to champion your adventure and offer the following training to unleash your potential and smooth the road ahead. 

Managing people
increasing team effectiveness

Do you want to develop the skills required to engage
and lead your team to maximise their performance?

Our learning material can be adapted to fit your
needs and reflect your culture.

We offer workshops, modular courses and externally accredited programmes,
for aspiring and experienced managers.

Typically, they will include:

Are you looking to perfect your skills, navigate your team through uncertainty, and future proof your business?

People first follow the person, then they follow the plan.

Leaders succeed through their ability to align the organisation around a defined vision.

We support you to establish clarity around building a culture that is open to change, embraces diversity, and can respond with agility and resilience to ever changing challenges.

Fostering the authentic leader within, our workshops, modular courses, and externally accredited programmes offer a psychology safe space to expand your skills and will explore:

We ensure our solutions are a cultural fit and can be adjusted for each client to reflect their needs and desired outcomes.

Creating the fire in others

Unlocking your potential

What adjustment do you want to make to reach your peak performance?

Coaching is crucial for creating an optimal environment
for rapid improvement and behavioural change.

There are times when we all lose a little direction, feel daunted about the tasks ahead or distracted and find ourselves putting stuff off until tomorrow.
Or we just want to be the best, either way we can all benefit from a  supportive nudge in the right direction.

We offer a range of interventions and coaches to aid you to act and unlock the best version of you in the shortest possible time.

Would you like to feel more confident in dealing with conflict constructively and preventing issues escalating?

Conflict, when managed effectively, creates trust, accountability, and motivation to achieve innovation and growth.

We show you how to establish open healthy communication that encourages your team to express their ideas and opinions. Allowing you to use these different viewpoints to stimulate engagement and build strong relationships.

Our workshops explore the motives, intent and tone around different opinions and typically cover:

Dealing with conflict
Revitalising growth

Managing performance
Enabling peak performance

Are you getting the best from everyone within your team?

A successful team requires individuals to perform interdependent tasks, while collaborating to accomplish a common objective.

The key is clarity and recognising when set milestones have been achieved.

We explore different communication preferences and coaching styles that engages, empowers, and motivates action.

We support your development to achieve the optimal balance between task and people focused activity. Unlocking your team’s potential by attaining and maintaining their peak performance.

We cover:

Ever wondered why some salespeople consistently outperform others?

We take sales training to the next level.

Through a guided interactive workshop, we explore and cultivate a winning mindset.

Using tools and techniques from sport and business, we introduce several mindset principles to enhance what you think, say and do.

We accelerate your sales success by expanding clarity around:

Sales Training
It's not a process, it’s a relationship

Psychometric Assessments
Finding future talent

Are you passionate about finding future talent and
developing your current talent?

Having valuable insights around communication preferences, job competencies and personality traits will give you the confidence to make informed decisions about who you employ and how you develop your current team. 

Helping to predict and enhance future performance.

We work with three world leading partners,
to support you in your recruitment, and talent development.