7 Ways to Effectively Manage Your Boss

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Managing upwards

A key skill if you want to do well.

Whether you have a new boss or have been working for someone for a while, it is never too late to make a few changes to help improve your relationship.

Here are seven ways to help you manage upwards more effectively:

1.       Get to know your boss’s working style – what is their preferred way of communicating for example?

2.       Proactively update your boss on your progress – it is better to communicate more often than they may need – much better than being chased up for updates!

3.       Warn your boss early of any potential tricky situations that may occur – much better to hear from you rather than via an indirect route

4.       Ask for feedback – don’t wait for the formal review process to ask for feedback and advice. Be proactive to show that you respect their opinion and that you care about your performance

5.       Consistently demonstrate your ability to achieve results with minimal direction – own the issue that you have been delegated and update them on key milestones

6.       Understand your boss on a personal level – find out what they are interested in outside of work and if there is something of mutual interest, nurture it.  Don’t stalk them though!

7.       Thank your boss – if they have helped you develop a new skill or recommended you for great project for example, then saying thank you goes a long way.


Nigel Banister – GMD People

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