AM Magazine – Top tips for Retaining Staff in Automotive

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Automotive ManagementOriginally published in the August 2016 edition (pages 64 – 75), AM shares top tips for running a professional dealership and GMD share tips about staff retention.

Staff Retention – Considerations to be taken to retain your staff, as it is becomes increasingly harder to attract good quality recruits.

As a sector certainly over the last ten years or so, the retail automotive industry has become tricky to attract good quality candidates for most roles in a typical motor business.

We will likely see the baby boomers retire over the next five to ten years thus compounding the problem.

Here are some top tips to consider to help retain your staff:

  • Allow your staff to achieve and have their achievements recognised – empower them
  • Ensure a healthy team environment and good working atmosphere
  • Make sure all staff have varied and interesting work to do
  • Ensure they are trained and have regular personal development planning meetings
  • Ask what staff would like from you as an employer – this can be done via staff surveys or by working groups
  • Ensure they have a great physical working conditions
  • Reward them well


Most of all communicate with them regularly


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