Automotive Management & Leadership Accreditation

Management and Leadership Accreditation

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Management and Leadership Accreditation

GMD has focused on successfully developing managers and leaders in the retail automotive sector since 2001. As an Approved Centre by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) for Management and Leadership accreditations, we can offer IMI Quality Assured Programmes and accreditation to enable your business to demonstrate your management competency levels. But what benefits can these accreditations bring your business?

What is a Management and Leadership Accreditation?

Having skilled managers and leaders in your organisation will translate into improved productivity, profitability and success, and yet the automotive retail sector has the lowest proportion of S/NVQ Level 4+ qualified managers. IMI Accreditation Management-Competence is the industry recognised competency-based accreditation for Management & Leadership. It gives managers and leaders of your business recognition and highlights areas of competence in management skills. It is achieved through an assessment tool that measures the skills and knowledge of the individual manager. 

Accreditation is achieved through a one-day assessment that measures you against the Automotive Management & Leadership Competency Framework. Assessment methods vary but could be through observing your interaction with your team, a presentation of a real-life business improvement that has recently been achieved, an online knowledge test or as a workplace discussion.

Why is Management and Leadership Accreditation so Important?

In some ways, everything has changed in the automotive retail sector, and in other ways, it has hardly changed at all. This is a quote from the IMI in its Campaign for Change report, and it resonates with our findings here at GMD. The automotive industry is changing and at a rapid rate. Not just with the advances in electrification and autonomous vehicles, but also how today’s customer buys and maintains their vehicle. But there are some areas of the retail automotive sector that aren’t moving apace with these changes and adapting management styles to ensure maximum productivity in dealerships is one.

Having your managers take part in a Management and Leadership Accreditation could highlight areas where your leadership team need improvement to effectively engage with their workforce to ensure your business is achieving maximum productivity. Today’s managers need to harness the power of emotional intelligence (EQ). In fact, the World Economic Forum lists EQ as one of the ten skills managers will need to thrive in 2020. 

How Can GMD help?

GMD offers a wide range of assessment tools and coaching and development programmes aside from IMI Management and Leadership Accreditation. We are a team of diverse individuals with a wealth of knowledge and experience across assessing, coaching, training and professional development. We understand fully that each of our clients has different needs and challenges, so our approach is to work with you to ensure that what we deliver meets your specific business requirements. You don’t have to take our word for it, see what our clients say about us and then get in touch to find out how we can help your business.

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