GMD People and the Auto Industry Excellence Awards 2018

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We are extremely pleased and proud of the fact that TWO of our customers have been nominated in the Training & Development Excellence Award category, for programmes we deliver for them.  The winner will be announced at the upcoming awards night on 22 March.

The award has been set up to commend the business that takes the personal development of its staff seriously.

In our recent research report findings there is evidence to suggest that employees who feel that sense of appreciation and inclusion when it comes to training and development, are more likely to stay with you and your business for longer.

If you would like a free copy of the research – Retail Automotive Management and Leadership Now and in the Future

As one of these two customers experienced during a growth spurt in 2014, when it comes to recruiting from within it doesn’t always follow that you can……….easily………..

When the Senior Team approached a variety of staff members who had the ability to do the job, but who hadn’t applied, the response was a resounding “we don’t believe we are confident or competent to undertake the role and we don’t want to fail….or be seen to fail by our contemporaries!”

GMD People put together a programme of management development training, given in a series of modules, designed to bolster confidence and to give more exposure to the processes and procedures that managers hadn’t otherwise, always been given access to.

Since 2014 GMD in conjunction with the IMI has successfully created this as a Quality Assured Programme which is being rolled out across the company.

Investing in your employees doesn’t always have to add up to spending, it might just mean saying thank you, acknowledging achievements – big or small – or asking how a family member is after a recent success or illness.

In other words – if you show an interest in them they will in you and your business too.

All this leads to a happy and motivated team, who you can rely on and who remain loyal to you and the brand.


We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers continued success and congratulations to all the nominees at the Auto Industry Excellence Awards 2018

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