GMD People Launch New Survey at Automotive Management Live


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Following on from last year’s extensive research, which highlighted a demand for support to fill the significant gap in knowledge among the managers interviewed, around change and change management, we are launching the next part of our research study, which will be delving deeper into the need and requirements for change in the automotive industry.

Launching the survey at Automotive Management Live, we will be asking line managers, senior managers and directors to take part in this significant extended research. This can be done in a number of ways to suit the individual and will enable us to discover competency and confidence levels when it comes to managing change.

Last year’s survey included contributions from representatives of Listers, JCT 600, Kia, Citroen, ATS Euromaster and Mercedes-Benz Financial Services.

“Results from the survey provide fascinating insights into the sector and help training and HR managers pinpoint areas where their business and departmental leaders need additional training”, our Director Nigel Banister commented, “In addition, insights enable companies like us to tailor our services to provide the support the sector requires.”

In a fast-moving industry where the landscape is evolving rapidly with growing trends and significant changes coming at it thick and fast, it is extremely important that the motor industry spends time in supporting staff to lead and manage these changes.

The initial research findings showed that senior leaders identified the ability to lead change as one of the top three leadership capabilities their businesses required. Meanwhile, the speed and complexity of change was the biggest challenge facing the organisation by more than half.

Many issues inevitably go hand-in-hand, but with so much changing so rapidly in the sector, managers and senior managers as well as their teams, are likely to benefit from training, coaching or mentoring on how to implement change.


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