Do You Hear People Properly? LISTEN is a Useful Tool

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Sometimes it’s just a whisper

Active Listening

The aim of active listening is to achieve an understanding of what is and what is not said.

In a world where noise, interruptions and distractions are all part of our daily lives.

It is easy to misinterpret or not properly hear what is being said.  Sometimes this is due to our prejudices, backgrounds, expectations, and assumptions.

Often people choose to hear and but then not actively listen.

To help ensure that you are effective in listening what is and is not being said, consider the acronym LISTEN

L  – Look at the person talking and look interested

I   – Identify the real issues and be genuinely interested

S  – Suspend judgement, emotions and prejudices

T  – Test understanding – ask questions and listen to the answer

E  – Empathise and empty your mind of other matters

N  – Notes and noises – make them!

LISTEN – to give attention with the ear.

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