Know Thyself…

Know thyself...

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Know thyself...

It is an Ancient Greek aphorism to know thyself, but what exactly does that mean? In truth, anything you want it to mean, but broadly it is about knowing your limitations and knowing your potential. Leaders of any organisation need to understand their strengths and their weaknesses to be successful, and with effective leadership being one of the top reasons for employee satisfaction at work, it is more important than ever to ensure that you and your leaders are getting the right development needed.

Transformational leadership

You may well have heard of this but what does it mean? Make no mistake; this is the style of leadership that is required to be successful in business today. Transformational leaders create positive change and growth, inspiring their teams to buy into their leadership style, and these types of leaders need to possess certain qualities in order to be successful. It is these qualities that lead us back to ‘Know Thyself’. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses and working on applying these to a leadership role is essential to be a transformational leader that is focused on creating change, not only in your workforce but in the culture of your organisation that will lead to both innovation and growth.

Transformational Leadership Development

If being a Transformational Leader means having a greater understanding of your own personal skills, strengths and weaknesses, there can not be a one type fits all development programme. Everyone’s journey is different, and whilst there can be common components to a programme, creating the true leaders of tomorrow requires personalisation. One of the first steps for any Transformational Leadership Development initiative is to identify the development needs that are specific to the individual. GMD use a wide range of approaches and tools to help gain greater insights into what an individual needs, so that we can create a bespoke personal development plan.

What can you expect to achieve from a bespoke leadership development programme?

Primarily your leaders will have a true understanding of their personal leadership style, how to build on their strengths and how to manage their weaknesses. This, in turn, will develop their ability to influence people, make wiser decisions and build a strong and united team that wants to help them achieve their vision and goals. Communication skills will be enhanced as will your ability to negotiate with people to enable better conflict resolution (which will lead to the ability to effectively implement leadership strategies).

How can GMD help?

Our team is created from a diverse range of professionals that bring a wealth of knowledge and experience across all aspects of leadership training, coaching and development. We employ exceptionally high levels of customer service to ensure that we deliver what your business needs, on time and within budget. We build long term partnerships with our clients so that there is consistency, and a genuine long term focus on our clients’ objectives.

How will this fit in with my budget?

Every client’s needs differ, which is why our programmes are bespoke to your own objectives. We tailor our interventions to suit individual needs as well as the business needs, but we can, and do, use material that we have collated over the years to help keep costs within your budget without compromising on the quality of the solution. As much as we know that creating a transformational leadership programme has to be tailored to each individual, we also know that each individual organisation has its own constraints, which is why we approach every request with a fresh set of eyes and ears. This approach has resulted in the delivery of many successful sessions over the years and why clients stick with GMD for a long-term relationship.

Find out more about how GMD can help your leaders transform your business, achieve your long-term objectives, and build a team that is motivated, innovated and invested in being part of your company’s vision.

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