Make the change to make the difference…..

Make a change to make a difference

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I have always found it interesting to understand the reasons behind, why we make changes, small or large, what makes us do something different, our motives to make the change to make the difference.

For some, it may seem easier, or is this just a myth, is it easy for us all when we find, stumble on, the deep motives that energises us to change. We all have examples of friends, or colleagues who have given up smoking overnight, after years of on and off, they finally decide one day just to stop. This can be said about so many other aspects of our lives, diets, fitness, the way we manage, interact with others, the way we think, and other good and bad lifestyle changes we make, or we know someone who has made.

Intrinsic motivation

Normally there is a trigger, a reframing of the situation that we tap into, a clearer perspective of what we want, that gives us the reason to find the motivation and strategies that assist in changing.

It is these triggers that hold so much interest for me, the “Why” the belief that change this time is worth the effort, and you naturally start to look and focus on what you are gaining, not what you are giving up.

A friend of mine enjoyed their food, they loved cooking, experimenting with different flavours, and over time this love for food influenced their weight. Leading to a decrease in fitness and mobility. For many years, the understanding was there, the portions should be smaller, yet no action was being taken.

Then change happened. The same delicious food, just smaller portions. The trigger, with retirement looming in a few years, and the opportunity and desire to travel more frequently, experiencing and tasting local cuisine from around the world. They decided that a lack of mobility would hold them back.

It would take away elements of the experience, reducing their ability to fully enjoy what these countries could offer. It suddenly became apparent that they had more to gain from portion control than to lose.

There are many elements that might get in the way of us making the change to make the difference. Time, stress levels, how effective we are with using the time we have, and how we reframe our thinking.

Looking for what we can gain, rather than what we have lost, is a great start.

Make a change to make a difference.

Questions to ask yourself if you want to change an element in your life.

What change is required? Why is it required? What will I gain from this change?

STOP, and think about what do, I really want, what is important to me.

RE-FRAME, what can I gain by doing this.

DO, act, however small, change something and something will change, remember the first steps are the most challenging.

Be brave and go for it!


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