“Management as a skill has rarely been taken seriously in Britain”

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I have been (pleasantly) surprised at the response to my first post on LinkedIn and thank you for the comments and thoughts I have received. Management

This posting is by way of a follow up to that article (From team member to leading the team) and I will maintain the theme with some other suggestions on how to help managers in their first role of leader of others in the near future.

A past colleague of mine who also had a long career in Retail Automotive, has sent me an article from today’s Economist (28/11/2015) which he saw as relevant to my thoughts and it has the line it I have used for the title of this short follow up. Thank you Peter Brown.

Here is the link to that article (End of the accidental boss…)

Perhaps over the next few years we might see an acceleration in support of those who either choose to, or who are chosen to lead, so they can be as effective as possible?

What do you think / feel?

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