Reaching your Peak Performance When it Matters


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As we reach the final month of the financial year, we understand the importance of raising our performance and our will to succeed. We can liken it to the teams playing in the current Six Nations Rugby Championships – players train hard to succeed at club level rugby all season, but with the final goal of an international championship, the training, concentration and desire increases, the game improves, and the rewards are sought and won.

February and March are peak trading times in the automotive retail sector as sales targets for the 1st quarter need to be met. With this in mind, teams in dealerships up and down the country need to be at the top of their game, working together, operating effectively and focusing on both task and more importantly customer experience without losing sight of standards, focus or just plain burning out.

According to the SMMT, new car registrations were down in January 2020 from 12 months previously by 7.3%, and with many social and economic headwinds in the first quarter of this year, March could be a challenging month for the industry, and with all challenging situations, there is still always a winner.

The opportunities to perform at the peak of our ability will come with good planning and execution based on our experiences, along with the ability to motivate ourselves and the others within the team. Our ability to be resilient in the face of adversity, to notice when our concentration drops and adjust before our performance dips, will assist in building our confidence. Alongside this, it will ensure that we are emotionally aware to allow the connection with the customer to be made, which will all help to ensure that we can achieve our targets and win the game.

Managers have been planning on how to ensure that they meet their budgets and manufacture targets that they have set out to deliver. This then ensures that in these final weeks of the 1st quarter, they are fully practiced, prepared, motivated and ready, they will be able to maximise the opportunities and deliver their final objectives. To quote a well-known phrase – Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

However, with the desire to succeed, can also come the urge to cut corners and make sacrifices to reach the target. In a customer-facing role, this is a time to ensure that the customer is always at the forefront of the mind. Each customer is basing a potential purchase on both a factual and an experiential point of view. Working with the verbal and non-verbal cues from the customer, the emotional connection that will help to make a sale must be applied. If customers are rushed or treated in a task mentality fashion, the result may not be favourable. The same can be said on the environment the manager, or coach creates, after all, both the sportsperson and the sales executive needs consistent feedback and dialogue on how to improve and occasionally a nudge in the right direction.

Ultimately, our performance will determine whether or not we “win” or “lose” this final challenge, our very own “International”, but if the foundations are laid the team will be ready.

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