What will 2021 bring?

What will 2021 bring?

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As we start a new year I am sure I am not alone in wondering what 2021 will bring, and how we will make the most of it. The latest lockdown has hit pause on many of our plans.

It is customary for us to reflect on the last 12 months, deciding what we need to let go, what to keep, and what we need to do differently.

Will our learning from last year assist us in setting the right goals for the year ahead?

Our outlook and positivity shape the choices we make, and as we start 2021 I wonder if it is positivity that is required this year. We have to be honest with ourselves about what is possible. What you want to achieve. Be open about how you feel. What you are capable of doing. Most of all we need to be authentic.

Not forcing ourselves to think or act in a certain way if we want to find happiness and a sense of achievement in 2021. Is this the year we under-promise and over-deliver?

Our wellbeing and mental health is the foundation to the happiness that we find around us. Through your own emotional awareness you can help others to be more open and honest about how they feel. Creating a safe space for them to share without the fear of judgment.

There are no simple answers to complex issues. Enabling someone to be more honest and open about how they feel could be a helpful start. There is an art to listening that we could all choose enhance in 2021.

The past 9 months have been immensely challenging. We have faced both business and personal disruptions that will be remembered for many years to come. We have also seen great resilience and acts of kindness. The advancements in the fight against COVID-19 giving us all hope that this year will be different.

You too can be different this year, you can choose to think and act differently, reorganise your priorities, establish what is important to you, your family, and business..

Will 2021 bring you what we want? If you are clear and honest with yourself around the goals you set, if you fully understand what is important, then why not? Creating the right mental and physical environment for your success is a great start. Then act.

2020 is over, 2021 is just beginning, and you can make it a great year.

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