How often should we re-invent ourselves?

Time to re-invet ourselves

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At the weekend I decided it would be beneficial to redecorate the home office. For obvious reasons I have worked from this space more in the last 24 months than the previous 8 years. It would be good to brighten up the environment. A different colour scheme and storage system, out with the old and in with the new. Time to re-invent my workspace.

Clearing the cupboards in anticipation of throwing paint everywhere, I came across a selection of learning material and old notebooks full of ideas, insights, and observations. As I flicked through these notebooks and the content from development programmes delivered over the years. I found myself getting lost in the material, jumping from one book to another. Hungry to find the nuggets that, for one reason or another, slipped my memory.

This happens to me quite a bit, mainly on YouTube bouncing from one rugby clip to another. I was currently going down the same rabbit hole, where time disappears. Yet making discoveries, jogging memories, energising my thinking around the small adjustments I could be making to our current projects, re-inventing the message.

Reflecting, I considered; what material is still current today, what have I not shared for a while that would still be useful, what am I currently using that needs to be replaced? In a small way it was time to re-invent part of the conversation, not just my working environment.

As leaders our role includes enhancing revenues & margins, improving efficiencies, and solving problems. All, achieved through our people. To do this we lead others to embrace change, and make it stick. And we do this by having and being part of great conversations.

Depending on our experience we have several approaches, which have assisted to achieve positive outcomes.

How often do we take the time to reflect and assess these messages, are we stretching ourselves, are we making the most from our current conversations? What innovative approaches, tools and techniques should we be seeking out and using? Or do we continue with the familiar, firmly in our comfort zone?

Music artists that survive over decades are great at it. Through their music, and conversation they have with the listener through the lyrics, they re-invent themselves. They have an ability of balance, holding the attention and connection with their current audience, yet also attracting new. They adjust, stay interesting and keep current.

As a manager how do you keep your approach current and keep the interest of your audience? What adjustments are you making to enhance the conversation?

There is more diversity in the working environment today, and we have less time to reflect. The speed of change is only going to get quicker, expectations are getting higher, how do you enhance engagement? How much time are you spending on re-inventing yourself?

It is never about wholesale change; you are successful because of your current knowledge and skills. It is about mastery and the small adjustments that help you get there. It is about asking,

  • How do I build on what I already have?
  • How can I enhance my agility around engaging others, so they listen more actively to me?
  • How can I fully understand others’ perceptions, and then influence?
  • How can I improve the conversation with others, assisting them to reach their true potential?

Sportspeople are great at looking for those small adjustments, I remember Jonny Wilkinson saying,

“If you know what your best is, then you are just self-limiting your performance”

Time flies, I started in daylight, it is now dark, I have two piles of stuff, the larger being for the dump, not relevant, not current. The other, a selection of forgotten golden nuggets, which are still current, fit for purpose just not currently used.

Lisa appears, commenting on the lack of progress, just the creation of a mess. Progress, however, isn’t necessarily visible as it’s happening, the seemingly idle moments of self reflection can unlock great change.

All the very best


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